Hallo, fellow theatre artist!

We share a love for the art of acting so I’m thrilled to meet you here!  A very warm welcome to you!

Parallel to directing plays over nearly 30 years in the theatre, I’ve taught directing and acting technique for the past 20 years.

My ex-students tend to keep in touch with me during their professional life. I love it that they share their experiences and their questions with me. They are kind enough to say they regularly think back to the foundation they learnt from me and quote me often!

Recently, some have been asking if I shouldn’t like to write about aspects of acting.

In all its manifold forms, theatre is a transitory art and passing on our experiences and discoveries is a labour of love. It contributes to keeping the theatre tradition rich for future generations. So, this website is one way of taking up that challenge and my aim is to develop here a comprehensive resource for actors. It will also be of use to directors in deepening their understanding of the acting process and how to support actors to shining performances.

The blogs and videos you find here fall into two broad categories: 1. the craft and technique of acting. 2. the theatre artist: creativity, imagination and mindset.

I sincerely hope the posts offer you useful impulses. Do let me know if you try something out or if you have any questions which arise during your own work,